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Carts will be made for the upcoming  2022-23 season



Paul and I would like to welcome you to our website swampthingdecoycarts.com.


We are avid duck hunters and have been duck hunting for years. Paul and I got tired of carrying out our gear on our backs. On one of our numerous duck hunting trips we came up with the Decoy Cart. We have used the cart for years at several duck hunting refuges in California; Kern, Wister, Mendota and San Jacinto. The cart was designed by duck hunters for duck hunters.

I can tell you that by using the cart it has saved my back and it has saved us a lot of time in getting out to the blind. Its prevented us from having to walk back and forth to the truck to get more stuff because it all fits on the cart.

On the fold up Decoy Carts you can carry up to 60 decoys in 2 large bags. One bag of cammo netting,  small backpacks if you wish, and 2 small chairs. It's light weight and rugged and the design can easily haul over 100 lbs. of gear.

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Due to the rising cost of everything I'm increasing the prices of all carts. Also shipping has gone through the roof.